This year’s theme; Roots

SMAK Nordnorsk matfestival (Northern Norwegian food festival) is ready to launch, with a traditional lavvo in the town square, a city centre filled with delicious local food and other exiting food related concepts.


Skansen is a brand-new part of this year’s SMAK-festival, where the concept “The historical kitchen” will be carried through.

Culinary-students will cooperate with Bårstua at Skansen, to create and serve food from a historical perspective.

It fits perfectly with the theme of the year; roots. They are a key ingredient of which you can create many dishes. However, the root vegetables themselves are not the only focus of the festival; there is also the idea of going «back to the roots» for inspiration. The city of Tromsø originated at Skansen, which is why it will be so exciting to use this as the location for the festival, as said by festival director, Petter Markussen.



Markussen is quite pleased about this year’s theme, as roots is a topic which has become quite trendy lately.

– Tromsø is known somewhat like a “meat-city”, with five large and well-renowned meat-enterprises, as well as one of the largest fishing-harbours in the country. As such, it is fitting to put some focus on roots. It is very popular now to bring roots on to the dining table, especially in drinks and shots. Homegrown food is also quite trendy these days, not to mention having appetising results. Some of the best and easiest dishes I can whip up are by cutting up root-vegetables and fry them together with chicken or fish. The tastes are unbelievable, as well as easy to make, says Markussen.


The festival street

Markussen is most excited about the festival-street, where all the food-stands and exhibitors are putting up shops in the main street, Storgata, during the festivities.

– I’ll never forget the first year of the SMAK-festival and the extraordinary spectacle which unfolded. We’d said that the street would open at 12 pm on Friday, and when we looked out at the street at eleven, it was totally packed with hungry people on the lookout for food, and we hadn’t even opened yet! Luckily the crowds continued to flow in all through Friday and Saturday. It was a very emotional moment for me, Markussen tells us.

The number of exhibitors has been stable since the first year, with a regular increase of new participants who want in on the action for every new year.

– It seems like the exhibitors have found an arena they enjoy and wouldn’t miss for the world at the SMAK-festival. Although more people are showing up at Matstreif in Oslo, a week before the SMAK-festival, the participants at the SMAK-festival are accounting more. Here they meet and interact with an audience who are more familiar with and know the products better, says Markussen.

To walk through a crowded street filled to the brim with exiting food-stands and hungry locals is like experiencing a celebration of the festival chief’s birthday, Christmas and our National day, all on the same day.

To see the big crowd and all the joy centred around food and the number of people it engages is very satisfying. It is the best outcome I could have imagined, as said by the festival director.

People planning on participating at the festival have many tempting treats in store.

The lavvo the town square will be filled with exciting activities yet again. Another thing to look forward to is the cooking courses that will be held. These will be announced as soon as they are ready.


A detailed program will be available in August.

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