About the festival

SMAK is a recognized food festival held in the centre of Tromsø in September. Tromsø is Norway’s second largest fishing city and the host of several award-winning manufacturers of groceries, high-quality products, excellent restaurants and renowned culinary education.

SMAK has risen to the position as Northern Norway’s main food festival and aims to show the diversity of the fantastic fresh produces, food-culture and competence that exists in our region.



SMAK is intended to promote local food and niche products from Northern Norway. The festival will focus on domestic fresh produce production and food tradition, as well as the production, serving and presentation of dishes. Recruiting students for culinary education is another important goal of the festival.

SMAK aims to be a public festival for audiences, industrial players and future culinary students!

SMAK is the gathering point for all food-interested audiences, manufacturers, retailing and places of service and other related businesses from across the country.



  • Held for the first time in September 2013
  • The festival is a yearly arrangement which takes place in Tromsø during week 38, Friday and Saturday.
  • Approximately 70 000 visitors


Said about SMAK Nordnorsk Matfestival

  • «An excellent arena for sales and discussion. »
  • «Offers direct contact with/between costumers/consumers and producer/exhibitors. New big clients are taking notice of our products, and sales/profits are covering our costs. »
  • «Provides a great opportunity to meet the customers face to face. We also get to meet other exhibitors and colleagues. »
  • «A beautiful arrangement where we feel at home. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us as a business to promote our products and let as many people as possible get a taste. »
  • «Bustling crowds with a genuine interest in local food products 🙂 We see a noticeable increase in sales. Selling cloudberries in Finnmark and Troms is, as expected, difficult, although our stand did quite well. »
  • «Not many sales at our stand, but much traffic in the store over the two days. We worked hard to get people to visit the store, and it was packed! »


The people behind SMAK

A selected group of regional businesses owns SMAK Nordnorsk matfestival.


The board

Kristin Ballovarre: Mack

Rita Slettum: Kokkelauget/chef guild

Liv Hansen: Halvors Tradisjonsfisk/traditional fish store

Kurt Mydland: Mydland

Natalie Lorentzen: Vican

Mona Hassfjord: Vican

Poul H Remmer: Scandic Ishavshotell Tromsø

Lena Nøstdahl: Nordnorsk Reiseliv/Northern Norwegian tourism

Sindre Helmersen: Helmersen Delikatesser/Delicacies

Gunnar Jensen: Mathallen/The food court Mathallen

Erik Jæger: Breivika Videregående Skole/High School


Project management

Vican Group AS

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